Personality Quiz: Which 'Doctor Who' Story is Your Life?

[caption id="attachment_135079" align="aligncenter" width="612"]The Doctor has dinner with a friend in 'Boom Town' (Pic: BBC) The Doctor has dinner with a friend in 'Boom Town' (Pic: BBC)[/caption]

The issues raised by the various adventures of the Doctor and his companions are issues that affect us all, and the way in which we deal with those issues is largely driven by personality.

In our daily lives, new information arrives all the time, some of which could be nothing, and some could be catastrophically important, and we have to determine which is which and work out what to do. Just because the Doctor does this with the fate of whole planets hanging in the balance doesn’t mean there’s no overlap with your decision to take one less sugar in your coffee or run a half-marathon.

So, here’s a quiz in which we ask a few questions about you, to work out which Doctor Who story says the most about the way in which you tend to deal with situations.

Note: no actual psychology—Gallifreyan or otherwise—has been applied in the creation of this quiz.

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