‘Doctor Who’ Personality Quiz: Which Doctor Are You?

The Thirteen Doctors (Pic: BBC)

The Thirteen Doctors (Pic: BBC)

This is the big one. We may have teased you in the past with such relative fripperies as How Would You Deal With An Alien Invasion?, Which Companion Are You?, Could You Survive as the Doctor’s Companion? and even How Daleky Are You?, but this is where we take your core values, your character and the things that make you you, and boil them down to one of thirteen essential types within the Time Lord we all know so well.

This is not a test of how well you know your Doctor Who, and there are no value judgements. Each of the faces of the Doctor has something uniquely great about him, and if you happen to be closest to a Doctor that is not your favorite, well maybe it’s like that thing where similar magnetic poles repel one another.

And we’ve updated the quiz to include recent developments. So, thirteen Doctors (including the War Doctor), thirteen questions, with thirteen answers each. Answer truthfully and see what—and, most importantly Who— you get:

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