Domhnall Gleeson Has Signed On for Thriller Series ‘The Patient’

(Photo: Getty Images)
Last fall, we mentioned Steve Carell is set to star in the killer-thriller The Patient.
Carell will play a psychotherapist being held hostage by a serial killer. And, what does the presumed psychopath want? He has a radical request, for the doctor to help suppress his murderous urges.
That is quite the ask.
At the time of Carell’s casting, there was no word on who would play the killer.
Just today, it’s been revealed, we can look for Domhnall Gleeson, reports Deadline.
Gleeson is so endearing in real life, but also a great actor, so we can see him as villainous.
The storyline for The Patient makes us think of Gleeson in 2014’s Ex Machina, with the characters being in isolation:


And, he has played a baddie before, as General Hux in the Star Wars trilogy reboot: 

The Patient comes from the creators of The Americans, Joe Weisberg and Joe Fields.
While it’s in the early stages, the 10-part series is set to land over at FX once completed.
In the meantime, here are 10 Reasons We Can’t Get Enough of Domhnall Gleeson.
Are you excited to see Domhnall Gleeson play a baddie?