Steve Carrell to Star in Killer-Thriller ‘The Patient’

You can currently look for Steve Carell in The Morning Show, which recently returned for its second season.
He’s signed up for a new series, entitled The Patient, reports The Hollywood Reporter.
Heading to FX, the 10-part series revolves around a serial killer who seeks the aid of a psychiatrist to help repress his homicidal urges. He goes about it in a very radical way, holding the doctor hostage.
Carell is set to take on the role of the medical practitioner, who has emotional problems of his own.
He’s just lost his wife and is suffering through the pain of the loss.
Maybe this should be referred to as a non-killer-thriller, as that’s what is being sought.
But, at this point in time, we don’t know what the outcome is, if the killer “gets fixed.”
The new series comes from The Americans creator Joe Weisberg and showrunner Joel Fields.
You can also look for Carrell in the second season of Space Force, with a premiere date to come.  
Are you psyched to see funnyman Steve Carell in a psychological thriller?