Dame Helen Mirren isn't Afraid to Get Her Hands Dirty... Literally!

Dame Helen Mirren has been spotted riding the NYC subway in the past, so, we already know she isn't afraid of a little grit. She's now taken it to the next level...

Mirren spends four months a year in southern Italy. Apparently, she and her sister noticed an abundance of rubbish. For some, it might be a passing thought, like, "Such a shame," or "Tsk, tsk." But, not this Dame. She pulled on the yellow rubber gloves, strapped a bag to her back and went to work.

Here's a look at her helping out with the community:


She makes a good point when writing, it's "a simple thing, but it makes a big difference." The little things do add up. Just like her sharing the above photo, it doesn't take all that much effort, it's a quick snap and click of a button, with a huge impact. Her choosing to do so, she sends a message, resulting in close to 60,000 likes (at the time of this post).

And, next time you see litter, you might give it a second thought, like, "What would Helen Mirren do?"

We already did a write-up on 10 Reasons We Love Helen Mirren... may have to add this on as a bonus item.

Are you having a "she's just like us" moment right about now??