Ben Mendelsohn Has Signed on to Star in 'The Marsh King's Daughter'

Karen Dionne's 2017 novel The Marsh King's Daughter is being made into a movie, with Daisy Ridley set to star in the title role. It leaves the question, who will star as her father?

The answer to that has just been revealed, with Ben Mendelsohn signing on for the titular role, confirms Deadline. 

If you're not familiar with the story, it revolves around a young woman (Ridley), who is happily married, mother to two children, and has a successful career. But, unbeknownst to her peers, she has a secret. She was raised in the wilderness by a man who kidnapped her mother as a teenager, eventually impregnating her, holding both mother and child captive.

Ultimately, he was imprisoned for his crimes. But as the story rolls out, he's escaped prison. His daughter calls on the survival skills she learned while living outdoors and uses them to track him.

Meanwhile, he has plans of his own.

Mendelsohn and Ridley worked together on 2016's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Since then, we've seen Mendelsohn in the TV series Bloodline (2015-2017) and Infinity Train (2019-2020). You may have also spotted him in the feature films Darkest Hour (2017), Ready Player One (2018) and The King (2019).

He's started filming on the Marvel series Secret Invasion, where he reprises his role as Talos, first seen in 2019's Captain Marvel.

The Marsh King's Daughter is in pre-production, with a start date yet to be announced.

Does Mendelsohn's inclusion make you want to see this even more?