What's David Tennant Up to These Days?

David Tennant is always on our radar, but particularly of late. While some might be struggling to keep busy during quarantine, the Doctor Who star is pretty good at making use of his time.

Just recently, he returned to the Whoniverse to reprise his role as the Tenth Doctor in this heartfelt animated short:


Let's catch-up with DT and some of his interesting, fun and sweet moments:

1. He's taken on the role of teacher. 


As part of an initiative to support the Royal Shakespeare Company, Tennant volunteered to answer a question sent in by students studying Shakespeare. We saw a lot of comments on Anglophenia's Facebook saying, "I've just become a Shakespeare student." Surely, there were a ton of questions that came through, but Tennant landed on Hamlet and what his favorite sonnet is, which you can check out in the above clip.

2. He's re-teamed with Michael Sheen. 


Twice, actually! Tennant and Sheen recently reprised their Good Omens roles as Crowley and Aziraphale for a virtual get together. As well, they're currently working on a DIY six-part series called Staged. The at-home production will revolve around two actors who are furloughed when their West End production is delayed because of quarantine.

3. He joined Twitter... sort of. 


Tennant isn't hugely active on social media, but his wife Georgia is. Tennant took part in a Doctor Who Twitter chat. But, rather than creating an account for a one-off  "appearance," Georgia helped out with the heavy lifting and loaned him her account. As well, she chimed in, as she should, having also starred in the DW episode "The Doctor and His Daughter."

4. He goes for long walks. 


Speaking of Georgia, she shared a fun and funny video of the two of them out on a walk with their dog via Instagram. She writes in the caption, "Taking my energetic, brown haired dependent out for a much needed run. The dog was less impressed." Actually, in this case, it was more of a sprint.

5. He reunited with Catherine Tate. 


In 2007, the Doctor Who co-stars collaborated on a Comic Relief sketch, where Catherine Tate played Lauren Cooper, a character she developed for The Catherine Tate Show. Tennant stepped in as an English teacher, but with him being Scottish, Lauren took pause. As part of the BBC's Big Night In this past April, the two reprised the characters for a one-on-one tutor session.

6. He sported his native accent on-screen. 


Tennant had already completed the Acorn TV original Deadwater Fell before quarantine went into effect, but it premiered on April 6. We were all behind closed doors when it first aired, which is a good thing, as it's quite scary. Tennant plays a Scottish man whose family dies during a house fire. While it's very doom and gloom, we do like him hearing him speak in his native tongue.

7. He's growing his hair out. 


Tennant is known for being a stupendous actor, but he's also known for his hair. There are even tutorials out there on how to have hair like the Tenth Doctor. And these days, it's getting quite long, which is expected with hairdressers being closed. But, he takes it one step further... donning a plastic hairband, à la the 1980s. We have a feeling this accessory is going to make a comeback, specifically because of him.

8. He's setting trends. 


It's not just his hair. On Easter he rocked a tee shirt with a photo of his wife Georgia on it. This takes us back to the days when one could hop in a photo booth at the mall and have a tee shirt made of the snap. Not sure how this shirt was made, but he wears it proudly. Do you think husbands worldwide are going to follow suit?

9. He had a birthday. 


Tennant turned 49 on April 18. And how did he celebrate? With an Incredible Hulk cake, of course. He really is bringing back all sorts of nostalgia.

10. He's parenting in and out of quarantine. 


David and Georgia have five children together, ranging from baby to teen. They were parents before quarantine, during, and will be after... But, at the moment, things are quite stressful out there, and they're holding it all together.

And, like the rest of the us, he's waiting. When productions resume, Tennant will get back to filming the TV adaptation of Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days.

Does this make you love David Tennant even more?