WATCH: Helen Mirren Goes for a Stroll in Paris... on the Catwalk

Paris Fashion Week began last week, kicking off September 26, and Dame Helen Mirren swung by to enjoy the festivities.

The Queen actress didn't just turn up to take a gander at the clothing, or hold down the front row to get her picture snapped... she was, in fact, up on the catwalk, taking center stage — exactly where she should be.

Mirren really needs no introduction, so here she is doing her thing. We especially appreciate how she twirls that cane:

Michelle Lee, Editor in Chief at Allure Magazine, graciously shared the above video on Twitter, hitting the mark with her caption, "Oh hi it's just DAME HELEN MIRREN."

And, the commentary didn't stop there. Because next up was... Jane Fonda.

It seems Lee may, however, have skipped over a crucial observation, so we will add it in: "And here's JANE FONDA... DRESSED AS A TIGER!"

Mirren and Fonda were strutting their stuff alongside British pop star Chery Tweedy and model-models Irina Shayl, Doutzen Kroes, Luma Grothe and Maria Borges, as part of L'Oreal's first run in Paris Fashion week. The cosmetics line worked with 18 fashion houses to dress the stars, including French designers Balmain, Giambattista Valli and Isabel Marant, with L'Oreal providing the gloss... as in lipstick.

L'Oreal's show is being praised for its diversity and inclusiveness, reports BBC News.

Paris Fashion Week comes to a close today (October 3), but the memory of these walks by two of our favorite actresses will last a lifetime.

L'Oreal had us at Helen Mirren — what about you?