WATCH: Ben Whishaw Careens Around London in Trailer for Thriller Movie 'Surge'

Ben Whishaw is on seriously intense form in the first trailer for Surge, a British thriller movie that's been building buzz on the festival circuit.

Whishaw plays an ambiguous and rather troubled-looking character called Joseph in the movie from writer-director Aneil Karia (Top Boy, Lovesick). The trailer shows him becoming increasingly stressed at his job in airport security before appearing to lose his cool, rob a bank, then frantically careen around London.

According to Collider, the movie's synopsis describes Joseph a man "trapped in a soulless job, living a life devoid of emotion and meaning."

"After an impulsive act of rebellion, Joseph unleashes a wilder version of himself," the synopsis continues. "He is propelled on a reckless journey through London, ultimately experiencing what it feels like to be alive."

The movie co-stars Ellie Haddington – whom you might recognize from the Doctor Who episode "Last of the Time Lords" – as well as Game of Thrones' Ian Gelder and Top Boy's Jasmine Jobson. It's being released on VOD and premiering in theaters on September 24.

You can also catch Whishaw in the upcoming AMC dramedy series This Is Going to Hurt, in which he plays an overworked NHS doctor. Check out a first look image here.


Are you intrigued by Ben Whishaw's ambiguous new movie role?