Tom Hardy is Al Capone in New 'Fonzo' Photo

It may not be quite as extreme as his Venom makeover, but Tom Hardy has been truly transformed into Al Capone for upcoming movie Fonzo.

The gangster biopic is expected to center on Capone's later years in prison, as he descended further into dementia caused by syphilis, but will also feature flashbacks to his previous life.

And sure enough, in what appears to be a still from the film shared by director Josh Trank last night (August 8), Tom-as-Al is seen wearing a blue satin robe, chewing on his trademark cigar and surrounded by women:

This photo is not the first time we've seen Tom's transformation, however. He's has been sharing photos of himself on set since filming began back in April, including this one:

Mega awkward character misstep 👀

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Then one as a somewhat bloodied Capone:

Ain’t nothin but a gangster party 💯🔥💀♠️

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As well as this one from when production wrapped six weeks later in May:

Wrapped #JamDun 💯🔥♠️

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The latest snap is, however, the clearest and most convincing yet. Although, we've got to admit, Tom is reminding us more of Godfather-era Marlon Brando than the real-life gangster kingpin.

And that's not all. In a recent interview with Esquire magazine, Tom admitted he'd based his Al Capone voice on one particular New Yorker from his childhood: Bugs Bunny, or more specifically Mel Blanc, the legendary vocal artist who provided Bugs' voice.

"He plays me a clip of the raw footage on his phone [to prove it]," writes the Esquire interviewer. "Sure enough, he sounds like the cartoon rabbit with a severe case of vocal fry."

Hmm. We'll just have to imagine that for now, until the film's trailer drops later this year.

What do you think of Tom's transformation?