New Trailer: Martin Clunes Returns for Season Two of 'Manhunt'

(Photo: Getty Images) 

We just did a roundup about Martin Clunes, highlighting 10 Reasons we can’t get enough of him. And, good timing, as he’s back for the second season of Manhunt, which you can find over at AcornTV.

Manhunt first premiered in 2019, with Clunes starring as Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton. The title of the series says it all, he’s tracking a serial killer.

Season two, which is a four-part series called The Nightstalker, revolves around a serial rape case that has been ongoing for 17 years.

In the new trailer, Sutton asks the hard questions, like, “What if you didn’t have his DNA? What would your main lines of inquiry be?”

Sutton knows his stuff, and he doesn't stop there: 

Sutton doesn’t quite get the answers he’s looking for and feels like the gentleman he’s speaking to, Detective Superintendent Simon Morgan (Matt Bardock), is “fobbing” him off.

Sutton explains that he’s been brought in to help, but he’s feeling resentment.

Sometimes people don’t want help, and it appears this investigation may become divided.

We were already looking forward to the return of Clunes, and this trailer has us even more intrigued. Will Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton be able to solve the case, even if it has to be on his own?

The second season of Manhunt kicks off on September 20 over at AcornTV.

Are you going to tune in for more Martin Clunes?