New Trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch Stars as Reluctant Spy in 'The Courier'

We've been talking about the forthcoming espionage film The Courier for ages now, or at least it feels like it. And, every time it's come up, there hasn't been a trailer. Finally... now there is!

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as a businessman-turned-spy, set during the Cold War. The true story follows Greville Wynne, who is recruited by MI6 to infiltrate the KGB. While Wynne agrees to it, he is hesitant at first, being a civilian and all.

Even so, he seems to get a quick handle on the spy game:

Now we can see Cumberbatch in action as Wynne, and in the above we hear him say, "This is unexpected. I can't believe I'm actually having lunch with... spies. I'm just a salesman." Rachel Brosnahan, who portrays CIA agent Emily Donovan, is quick to answer, reassuring him, "Exactly. You're a civilian, so the KGB won't be watching."

Wynne asks the hard question, "What would you want me to do??"

That's where the movie comes in and helps tell the story of what is expected of him.

Wynne is even given tech gadgets, like a tie pin, with him saying, "What does this do?? Shoot poison darts?" His questions goes unanswered, but we're guessing it's a recorder.

He may not be James Bond during the onboarding process (and we highly enjoy his quips), but it seems he gets the hang of it.

His primary job is to make sure everyone thinks he is an "ordinary businessman and nothing more than an ordinary businessman."

His other job is to put an end to the Cuban Mission Crisis, working with a Russian consultant (Merab Ninidze).

Can he pull this off? We shall see when The Courier releases on March 19.

Does the trailer meet your expectations?