First Look: 'Doctor Who's Matt Smith Pops Up in 'Morbius' Trailer

It was announced last year that Matt Smith (Doctor Who) would be joining the Spider-Man spinoff movie Morbius, but all that was said was that he'd have a "major role." And that was not an exaggeration, as he's set to play... the villain, Loxias Crown.

You may remember, Smith also starred in 2015's Terminator: Genisys, but details on his role were kept wrapped tight until the movie hit theaters. Using Smith as a bit of a "secret weapon" seems to be a pattern, as he's only in the Morbius trailer for a few seconds, which is still enough for us. And, the internet.

Smith is set to star opposite Jared Leto in the title role. Leto plays a man who has struggled with a blood disease his entire life. When searching for a cure, he somehow makes himself superhuman, to be more exact, a "living vampire."

Here's a peek at the trailer, with Smith popping up at 2:12. He's walking through a room, wearing a suit and tie, looking rather menacing. There's not all that much going on. But, as the saying goes, "80 percent of success is showing up," i.e., he is officially a Marvel baddie:

The movie is being released by Sony and is deemed "in association with Marvel." The Marvel character Loxias Crown has an alter ego known as Hunger. According to the Marvel comics, Crown conducts experiments on Morbius for his own bloodthirsty needs.

Morbius is scheduled to come out this summer on July 31.

We kind of love it when actors go from playing a good guy, to a bad guy, and then back again, like when David Tennant turned up all sinister in Jessica Jones

What about you??