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David Tennant’s (Doctor Who) series Jessica Jones is currently streaming on Netflix, but just this weekend the Marvel star elaborated on his psychopathic character Zebediah Killgrave/Purple Man.

The Scottish actor seems to be enjoying his role as a baddie, telling the Irish Times, “You get slightly liberated. Your morality can be hung on a peg in the dressing room.”

His character has the ability to control minds but doesn’t seem to have the burden of a conscience.

Tennant told the Irish paper, “It’s quite fun to indulge the darker aspects of your psyche.”

This isn’t Tennant’s first introduction to the Marvel Universe, discovering the characters at an early age, saying, “I grew up with them. I used to save my pocket money and buy Spider-Man and Hulk and all that.”

He was particularly drawn to some of the earlier stories, saying, “Going way, way back, to the whole Stan Lee Fantastic Four stuff that started the whole thing … what was revolutionary about it back then, those early comics, they were not straightforward square-jawed superheroes.”

He went on to describe the characters’ allure, saying, “They had complications and personal lives and personality flaws, and that’s what’s always been interesting about Marvel comics.”

Tennant stars opposite Krysten Ritter as the struggling superhero Jessica Jones.

If you need a refresher, here’s a trailer for the 13-part series:

What do you think of David Tennant’s portrayal of Purple Man? 

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By Brigid Brown