David Tennant Talks About the Second Season of 'There She Goes': 'Feels Like a Big Responsibility'

Just last month we checked in with David Tennant and all the things he's up to of late. Now we can add another item: the second season of his family drama There She Goes premieres next week (July 7).

If you're not familiar with the show, it revolves around a married couple and their young daughter, who struggles with a severe learning disability. It's based on real life mother and father, Sarah Crawford and Shaun Pye (the writers for the series), and their nine-year-old daughter Jo, who was born with a chromosomal disorder.

Tennant recently talked to The List about presenting a true story to viewers, saying "There is very little in the show that hasn't happened to Shaun and Sarah's family, so it's not about manufacturing comic moments or emotional scenes, it's just about honestly reflecting what happened."

That's a really powerful message, and... it makes sense.

According to The List, Jo was born with an extremely rare condition and it's still yet to be diagnosed. Jo is named Rosie Yates in the TV series, and played by Miley LockeJessica Hynes plays her mother, Sarah.

Tennant goes on to explain the intent of his portrayal and the show: "It's pretty much autobiographical, and knowing that you are retelling often quite painful moments in the life of someone who is sitting round the corner watching on a monitor feels like a big responsibility."

The complicated dynamic of Sarah, Shaun, and Jo's life really resonated with Tennant: "But that very truthfulness is what made the scripts so powerful and drew me to the story in the first place."

In an interview with RadioTimes from 2019, Tennant talked about how he goes about choosing roles: "I’ve always been quite promiscuous with genres and types of parts. I like variety and I like doing things that feel new and different."

If their story is new to you, here's a peek at the trailer for season one of There She Goes:


In the above, Shaun's character is named Simon Yates. Simon seems to hold onto his sense of humor, even when facing tough times, saying about his daughter, "She says very few words. And has moments of explosive violence. She's like Jason Bourne."

Finding humor in uncomfortable situations is one way to take the edge off.

Looking forward to next week, here's a peek at a teaser for season two:


There She Goes airs on BBC Two in the U.K. You can catch-up with season one over at Amazon Prime in the U.S. And, we'll let you know when season two is heading stateside.

Is this family dramedy going on your watch list?