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David Tennant is probably best-known as the Tenth Doctor. At the same time, he did a bang up job as Detective Alec Hardy in Broadchurch. And, he killed it as the baddie Kilgrave in Jessica Jones.

You probably see where we’re going with this; Tennant is no one-hit wonder. And his going for varied roles seems to be what keeps him on his game. Tennant recently chatted with the RadioTimes, saying, “I’ve always been quite promiscuous with genres and types of parts. I like variety and I like doing things that feel new and different.”

He doesn’t necessarily strategize, though, explaining, “There’s no real tactical thought process to that. It’s more like, well this has come up and it’s worth doing.”

In the upcoming crime drama Deadwater Fell, he plays a suspected killer. While he may not plan for it, Tennant seems to have a penchant for the darker roles, saying, “I suppose characters that are complicated and characters that are unknowable are interesting from an acting point of view. So, there’s something immediately appealing about that anyway.”

He doesn’t say which projects, but there have been roles that he just couldn’t let pass, saying, “They show themselves very clearly and therefore you know when you’re reading something that this is one you don’t want anyone else to do, that you don’t want to let go.”

Who knew Tennant had such a competitive edge? We believe it. We may have to add that as a bonus item to this 10 Reasons We Love David Tennant write-up. 

In the meantime, here’s a roundup of some of his standout roles and his peers saying sweet things about him:

What’s your favorite David Tennant role to date? 

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By Brigid Brown