Dame Helen Mirren Shares a 'First Thing in the Morning' Photo to Get Fans' Attention

Dame Helen Mirren is one of our favorites and she never disappoints. She's turned to Instagram to reach out to her fans and share a moment of herself just waking up.


Mirren is praised for her work (The Queen), but there's also a lot of commentary about her looks. She seems to be using that to her advantage to create awareness about combating the coronavirus.

She's not one to get caught up in the superficial, saying in an interview with CNN from earlier this year, "I keep saying we've got to find another word for 'beauty.' I think we should start calling it 'character' instead of beauty, because that's really what it is."

She has also talked about what she does to stave off anxiety, turning to gardening. When talking to Yours magazine she said, "I love to spend time in my garden. If I have a few free hours I love to dig around in the dirt. It's so calming, worthwhile and a really good way of keeping those dark dragons away which I do have at times," reports Film News. 

While production has been halted on a lot of projects, when things pick up again, Mirren is scheduled to star in The Duke opposite Jim Broadbent. It's a biopic revolving around the theft of a famous portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London in the 1960s.

What do you think of Helen Mirren's early morning wakeup call-for-action?