Casting News: Dame Emma Thompson and Daughter Gaia Wise Join Female-Fronted Peter Pan Movie

Dame Emma Thompson and her daughter Gaia Wise have both signed up for The Lost Girls, a fantasy movie that's being described as a female-fronted take on J.M. Barrie's classic Peter Pan story.

Oscar-winning actress Ellen Burstyn has also joined the revisionist-sounding movie, which is being written and directed by Livia De Paolis, who'll also star as Peter Pan's friend and partner in adventures, Wendy Darling.

Adapted from Laurie Fox's novel of the same name, The Lost Girls will follow four generations of Darling women as they struggle to move on with their lives following their incredible adventures with Peter Pan. Burstyn will play Wendy's grandmother, while Thompson will appear in a cameo role as her mother. Wise – daughter of Thompson and The Crown actor Greg Wise – will play Wendy's daughter, who also finds herself drawn to Peter Pan.

That's right, Thompson is playing the grandmother of her own daughter! Very Hollywood, no? Gaia Wise has previously made brief appearances in two of her mother's movies, A Walk in the Woods and Last Chance Harvey, but this will be her most sizeable role to date, Deadline reports.

De Paolis, who previously wrote, directed, and starred in the indie movie Emoticon ;-), said in a statement: "I have been fascinated with the hidden meanings of fairy tales since childhood, so when I read Laurie Fox’s novel The Lost Girls I was immediately on board with the way she reinvents J.M. Barrie’s timeless fairytale for a contemporary audience."

In the meantime, we'll see Thompson in a supporting role in the festive rom-com Last Christmas, due November 8, which she co-wrote. We recently rounded up all the movies she's written or co-written so you can keep tabs on the actress's super-successful side-hustle!

Are you looking forward to seeing Dame Emma Thompson and Gaia Wise in the same movie?