'Black Widow's Florence Pugh Talks About Joining the Marvel Family

Earlier this year we put a spotlight on Florence Pugh (Little Women, Midsommarand her standout roles in 2019, pointing out that there's more to come this year!

And now, you can look for Pugh in the forthcoming Marvel movie Black Widow, starring opposite Scarlett Johansson. Johansson takes on the title character, with Pugh stepping in as Yelena Belova. In the first look trailer, Yelena appears to be a nemesis of Black Widow's, but actually it's just some friendly rivalry.

Pugh had a chat with Total Film about joining the Marvel universe and what it means to her, saying, "If you get asked to be in a Marvel film, and it was so thrilling and fun and exciting to be in, then of course, your head goes: ‘Oh my God. If this is what it’s like, then what else is next?"

It's natural to daydream a bit, with Pugh exploring the possibility of her character showing up in spinoff movies, "If that happens and I am lucky enough that people appreciate my character, that’s an exciting road to go on. I would be silly to not be excited by it."

But, she then caught herself and went back to living in the moment, saying, "I think that being part of the Marvel club is a great honor. But we’ll just see if people like Yelena first.”

We knew we liked Pugh for a reason, she's very sensible. And, we are already liking Yelena from what we've seen so far.

You can decide for yourself when Black Widow premieres on November 6.

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Do you have a favorite Florence Pugh role to date?