10 Times Brie Larson Showed Off Her Goofy Side

Yes, Brie Larson is about to make movie history — being Marvel's first female lead superhero as Captain Marvel — but, she hasn't let it go to her head. While she's serious about her work, saying playing this role "changed my life and the movie hasn't even come out yet," she still comes across as very grounded, having fun with all that comes with her successes.

We've compiled some of our favorite moments of Larson just being a regular gal... well, maybe a little goofier than usual:

1. When she honestly answers why she didn't go to college. 


Larson sat down with Wired to go over the most Googled questions asked about her. She fills in the blank to hard-hitting autocomplete questions like, "Is Brie Larson Captain Marvel?"; "Where is Brie Larson from?"; "Did Brie Larson go to college?" And she hits back with some fun, funny and very honest answers.

2. When she tells a funny story about jumping out a window. 


In the Wire interview above, Larson talks about not going to college (emm, because she's been a working actress since she was seven years old). Even so, she did get a little bit of the experience going to a college party. But, it didn't go so smoothly. When she swung by The Tonight Show, she told Jimmy Fallon just what happened when the police knocked on the door.

3. When she compares herself to a cartoon character. 


We love that she loves to share, telling us not-so-flattering anecdotal stories (proving she's just like the rest of us). AND, she doesn't hold back from over-sharing, posting snaps on Instagram like the above, comparing herself to Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants. Why? Why not!?

4. When she dramatizes her reaction to a Tarot reading.   


She doesn't just relate to the cartoon starfish, she turns to the stars for advice, like with this Tarot reading. It doesn't look like she received the best news, though. But, we have an inkling things are looking up for her... like, y'know, with Captain Marvel premiering today (March 8).

5. When she goes to lunch with people not really knowing why.  


Larson had a catch-up with chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, where she told him about the time she went to lunch with Judd Apatow and Amy Schumer. And, then they had a second lunch. A third... and, this went on for about a week. Apparently, Apatow and Schumer were considering Larson for a role in Trainwreck, but she had no idea. She just thought she was delightful lunch company, hence why she kept being invited back. Which, the latter is probably true! But, that aside, she did in fact get the job.

6. When she goes to a new city and jumps for joy. 


Brie has been traveling the world to promote Captain Marvel, and she's taking us along with her via Instagram. In the above we see her in Singapore for the first time and what does she do? Like a lot of us would, jump for joy. Actually, we'd probably be tempted to jump on the bed. Oh, her, too!


7. When she celebrates National Sandwich Day. 


Random alert! Yes, a water color of Larson sitting on a sandwich is completely random, but that's one of the reasons we love it so much. And, secondly, that Larson saw something in this original art piece and shared it with her community. The actress sitting on a falafel to celebrate National Sandwich Day? Makes sense to us!

8. When she sings her heart out. 


Larson made a trip across the pond to visit with Jonathan Ross. She was slightly put on the spot by Ross when he asked her to draw from her inner pop star. She sang a little ditty, but Ross was less than impressed. No problem! She and her Captain Marvel co-star Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury, clinched it with their rendition of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's very, very popular "Shallow." Larson started off singing it straight, then through in a dash of goof.

9. When she's super happy to get a cookie. 


On a more serious note, Larson committed to getting ready for the physicality of the superhero role with a very strict workout regime and diet. And, it paid off. In the above video, you can see that Larson can lift 275 pounds in weights. That's a great reward in itself, but that's not what we're referring to (in regards to the payoff)... as she points out in the clip, she gets a cookie. She's not only humorous, she's humble.

10. When she shows off her name on personalized gear.   


And, finally, she pulls a line from Rihanna's "What's My Name?" in the above caption. We know your name! As well as millions of others. But, just in case, she has a crossbody bag with her name on it to be 100 percent clear. If that weren't enough, the expression on her face is reinforcement... not to forget.

Bonus Moment/When she takes a break to reflect: On a more sentimental note, Larson sums up the importance of individuality with the below (where coincidentally she quotes Anglo fave Agatha Christie).


Brie Larson has no problem embracing her uniqueness, which is why she stands out from the crowd. 

Are you going to head to the cinema to see her as Captain Marvel?