A life-changing moment is captured in each of these dramatic monologues. Disabled actor and writer, Mat Fraser, curates these powerful monologues - written, directed and performed by disabled people.

S1, E1


Mat sits in the waiting room before an audition, dreading how it will be. He re-lives some of his best and worst moments in auditions, and takes us back to his childhood where he unlocks the reasons for his fears.

S1, E2

Paper Knickers

Jackie is in a hospital bed facing a decision about whether to have her leg amputated. As she thinks through her options, she explores her feelings for someone she has recently met. A bold, witty exploration of what it is to be an amputee.

S1, E3


It is 1968, Sue is in the toilet at a Pop Festival. Abortion has recently been legalised; it's a moment of liberation. But for wheelchair user Sue, it throws up difficult questions of bodies and belief.

S1, E4


Hamish's parents have been fundraising to buy him a new wheelchair. Crucially, it is a self-operated vehicle, and a chance for independence. Hamish heads for the woods to find sexual pleasure. But, he hasn't counted on such rough terrain.

S1, E5

The Shed

A children's writer finds herself falling in love with Keira, her next door neighbour. But Ellie, her carer, does not approve of the relationship. A chilling tale exploring the power that a carer can exert over a wheelchair user's life.

S1, E6

The Real Deal

Meg is trying to catch sight of a man whom she thinks is a benefits cheat. Unexpectedly, he forges a friendship with her and encourages her to claim more benefits for herself. A dark and witty tale set against the benefits system in the U.K.