Antiques Roadshow Detectives

Fiona Bruce and experts from Antiques Roadshow turn sleuth as they explore intriguing stories behind family heirlooms.

S1, E1

Episode 1

Hilary Kay investigates a rare artifact that's said to have adorned Oliver Cromwell's funeral procession

S1, E2

Episode 2

Paul Atterbury investigates a sampler and the heart-wrenching tale of its creator

S1, E3

Episode 3

The team investigate trophies that record great British athletic moments

S1, E4

Episode 4

Paul Atterbury investigates the mystery that surrounds a portrait of Tina Strobos

S1, E5

Episode 5

A daughter discovers the truth about her father's working life at a glass factory

S1, E6

Episode 6

Judith Miller pieces together the poignant story of a housemaid and her baby

S1, E7

Episode 7

Hilary Kay investigates a rare medal and reveals the an extraordinary act of bravery

S1, E8

Episode 8

Fiona Bruce investigates the story of a holocaust survivor

S1, E9

Episode 9

Marc Allum investigates the story of the Carpathia, the ship that went to the rescue of the Titanic survivors

S1, E10

Episode 10

Geoffrey Munn investigates the history of a ring from an explosive time in British history

S1, E11

Episode 11

Paul Atterbury investigates the role of the Medway Queen in the Dunkirk evacuation

S1, E12

Episode 12

Will Farmer investigates the life of a talented but little-known sculptor

S1, E13

Episode 13

Adam Schoon investigates one of the most incredible adventure stories of all time

S1, E14

Episode 14

Who was the artist of a tiny Victorian sketchbook?

S1, E15

Episode 15

Graham Lay investigates an embroidered tablecloth made by female prisoners