A Wild Year On Earth

This documentary series charts the planet's most spectacular events of migration and transformation. Over the course of a year, we witness how finely tuned creatures face seasonal patterns as they become more extreme and dangerously unreliable.

S1, E1

The Year Begins: January - February

The start of the year is a time of extremes across Earth. From the realm of the Polar Bear, the Arctic winds plunge the Northern Hemisphere into winter. While in the tropics, animals and humans have a different response to the season.

S1, E2

A Time of Renewal: March - April

The longer days trigger dramatic events across the natural world. In March, a wave of blooming Cherry Blossoms unfolds across Japan signalling the arrival of Spring. The season for new life spurs many creatures to find a mate.

S1, E3

A Time of Volatility: May - June

May is a time of seasonal gear shifting and powerful forces of nature. In the heart of North America tornadoes tear across the plains as wild mustang herds gather. The end of the Dry in Southern Africa claims victims amongst the elephant herds.

S1, E4

A Time of Migration: July - August

Summertime triggers some of the planet's great seasonal migration events including thousands of Sock Eye Salmon that reach the end of their journey to spawn in rivers, attracting Brown Bears in a feeding frenzy.

S1, E5

A Time of Activation: September - October

In September, seasonal swings activate change across the natural world. The heat rises in Africa as the dry season deepens. The coming of early rains encourages new life in the Kalahari. The September Equinox marks autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.