Writer's Room: Kevin & Kevin

Copper-interview-kevin Writer Kevin Deiboldt interviews actor Kevin Ryan (Maguire) behind the scenes of 'Copper.' Kevin Deiboldt: Alright. Here we go. So, this is "Kevin on Kevin." Kevin Ryan: (singing soulfully) Yeah, yeah, yeahhhhhh... First question: Without spoiling anything, what has been your favorite moment about season two? KR: I think it's the journey that Maguire goes on through the first few episodes and then [SPOILERY STUFF]. And then from there, it's the dynamic between [MORE SPOILERY STUFF], we may [STILL MORE SPOILERY STUFF], we may not, who knows? That was still a little spoilery. KR: Ah, well. Number two: Would you say Maguire is a bad man who thinks he's good  or a good man who can't help but doing bad things? KR: Well, for me I'd never judge my character. I always approach my character as if he were doing the right thing. You have to. Even if you're playing Hitler, he's not going to say "I'm a bad guy." From his perspective. KR: Right, exactly. So approaching it from Maguire's perspective  he's a good guy. Yeah, he's made some mistakes along the way, sure. But, ultimately, I think he believes he's good. Question three: Do you miss the long hair, and were you afraid (like Samson) you'd lose some of your powers if it was cut off? KR: (laughing) Yeah, I was very afraid I would lose my powers! I've wanted to cut it for a while, though. Initially I think we looked into going with a shaved head in the jail  I was reading into lice and all sorts of things  and then we realized there would be no way of shaving it because he wouldn't be allowed blades or anything. It was interesting to have it at the start and then transition to a whole different look. But, I think it was part of the transition Maguire went through  when people go through any traumatic experience in their life, they usually change not just internally, but they're also trying to deal with the exterior as well. Copper-Blog-Kevin Now, this one's difficult: Is Maguire more like a lion or more like a tiger? KR: I think he's a super tiger, mixed with the paws of a lion. That's actually wrong. He's just a lion. But, that's okay... KR: Where did you come up with that question? I can't tell you. But I was curious if you'd know the correct answer, deep down. This tells me that you still might need to do some more work on your character. KR: [At this point, Mr. Ryan proceeded to reference a television show called "BraveStarr" – suggesting that Maguire possesses the attributes of many spirit animals. Mr. Deiboldt, not familiar with this show, thought Mr. Ryan was making it all up. But, according to Wikipedia, he wasn't: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BraveStarr] Last question. If Maguire wanted to kill me, how would he do it? KR: He would look at you, and he would process it. He'd analyze the situation. KR: I think he likes to personalize things. He's showy. KR: So, I think he might kill you with a pen. He'd want it to be poetic. KR: Yeah. But... what if I don't write with a pen? KR: Well, then he'd have to whack you with your MacBook. Mac me to death? KR: Death by an apple  THAT's what he'd do. He'd kill you with an apple. I'd say that's fairly appropriate. KR: Thank you. I would also like to state for the record that I now have this all on tape, so if I ever am killed with a pen, an apple or some sort of computer  they're coming after you. You'll never get away with it, you bastard. KR: That's what they said about Maguire.