Writer's Room: Five Favorite Moments

Series writer Kevin Deiboldt counts down his five favorite moments from the first season. Three hundred and seventy-eight minutes down, forty-two minutes to go. Tare an'ouns. It's been a downright pleasure to share these last ten weeks of Copper with our fans. And so, before the good Detective Corcoran calls it a night on season one – I've been asked to look back and pick my five favorite moments from our first year. It sure as hell wasn't easy, but I did my best... 5. Twisted Tale o' the Fruitcake I chose this one for two reasons (neither being to toot my own horn, believe it or not). First, this scene was a perfect example of what our cast and crew were able to do throughout the entire season – to meet and exceed our expectations. I had very specific ideas about this scene, and you can never be sure whether what you end up with will be what you envisioned. Dylan, Tom and Kevin took what could have been a challenging bit of verbal choreography and made it sail. Secondly, I chose this scene for the moment it gave our characters (and audience): a last chance to see our three friends laugh and smile – before everything comes crashing down over the final four episodes. 4. Morehouse, Elizabeth, and a Little Friend Named Opium On its face, this scene is a chance for the Widow and Young Morehouse to play kissy-face. But Anastasia and Kyle lent such depth and nuance to the characters – and have such chemistry – that you're never quite sure who is manipulating whom (or whether they're engaging in mutual manipulation). It's a delightful moment where you can't be sure of anyone's true intentions (...and a chance to play kissy-face). 3. Sara Is With Child (aka, Doctor Smooth) For a show that can often be quite dark, emotionally, this scene was a chance to bring some joy to the screen. From the opening when Freeman is clinically (and awkwardly) describing his wife's symptoms, to the playful smack Sara gives him for being sassy – it was, quite simply, a lovely moment. Also: it helps that Ato and Tessa make everything we throw onto the page look effortless. 2. Say Your Prayers After watching Corcoran spend an episode (hell, a season) coming off the rails and threatening every last person in Five Points on his search for truth, I thought the interrogation with Maguire in the church was brilliant. The way Tom started this frighteningly tense moment off – with a conversation – fed perfectly into the emotional and physical eruption that followed. Kevin's mixture of remorse and indignation leaves you almost feeling sorry for Francis. ...Almost. A truly stunning scene (in an episode chock full of them). 1. The Final Five Minutes You haven't seen it yet, but the last five minutes of the Copper finale are quite possibly my favorite moment(s) of the season. There is always a tall order to leave your audience (and characters) with some sort of emotional payoff. I think the final minutes of episode ten deliver this in spades. We're very proud of it, and I hope it resonates with the rest of you. Thanks for an incredible season, and I'll see you in 1865. Have questions or comments for Kevin? Leave them below! And for more of Kevin's 'Copper' musings, check out his personal blog, Ithaca Mafia, and follow him on Twitter at @Kluv32.