Writer's Room: Kyle & Kyle

Morehouse. Rarely seen without a drink. Writer / Producer Kyle Bradstreet interviews Actor Kyle Schmid (Morehouse) – uncovering important truths behind the scenes of 'Copper.' Kyle Bradstreet: What is your favorite Morehouse scene so far in season two? Kyle Schmid: I was shooting a scene in ____ and Morehouse was quite "Morehoused" at the time. ____ enters the scene while I'm ____ a terribly tone-deaf rendition of ____. As the scene unfolds, ____’s demeanor changes quite ____. It was a great opportunity to see his ____ and ____ under the Morehouse ____. The scene closes with ____. I absolutely loved it. When was the last time you bled and / or cried? KS: Morehouse doesn't bleed blood, he bleeds whiskey. Morehouse doesn't cry tears, he cries brandy into a cup and then takes them back in a shot. Truthfully, the last time I bled, I think I was doing renos on my house and accidentally slammed my hand down on an exposed nail. The last time I cried, I was prepping for a scene in Episode 3 and got a little overwhelmed. Ultimately, the scene didn't go in the direction I had anticipated, but the outlet was nice. If our Copper characters were to stage an intervention, which character do you think would make the best argument for your addiction(s)? KS: Which addictions? The booze, the drugs, the women or the facade? So many wonderful addictions, why the need for an intervention? I think one of the most honest characters on the show is Matthew Freeman. At this point he's been able to walk the most righteous path, and I think he is the complete opposite of Morehouse. So...screw him! He doesn't know my pain! I think Corky would probably be able to relate most accurately to the heartache and torment that Morehouse feels bubbling under the surface. Copper_Gallery_S1E09_21_photo_web If you were to graffiti one building, what would you write / paint? KS: It would have to be the Morehouse mansion, and it would read: "PREPARE TO GET MOREHOUSED! COPPER SEASON TWO: PREMIERING JUNE 23RD, 2013!”