Where to Look for Jacob Anderson: From 'Doctors' to the Next Season of 'Doctor Who'

(Photo: Getty Images)

Over the weekend, BBC America announced at the virtual San Diego Comic-Con, Comic-Con@Home, that Game of Thrones star Jacob Anderson is set to join Doctor Who. At 12:49 in the below clip, Anderson joins DW showrunner Chris Chibnall and cast members, Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill and fellow newcomer John Bishop, during the DW panel.

Anderson shares his excitement, saying, "This is like a dream. This is like a real life childhood dream to be a part of Doctor Who."

Let's get to know Anderson a bit better, going back to his start and what he's been working on since:

1. Doctors

Anderson's first TV appearance was on the dish-y medical drama Doctors as Ryan Garvey. He appeared in the 2007 episode, called "Social Disease." The series, as the title suggests, is based in a hospital, revolving around its doctors and their involvement with their patients. Anderson was only in the one episode, but that's all it takes, and then it's onto... the next role. 

2. MI-5

In 2008, he starred in the popular espionage series MI-5. He takes on the role of a man named Dean Mitchell, popping up in season seven. The series follows British intelligence and their missions. Landing a role in the action/crime drama was definitely a step in the right direction for this rising star. 

3. Injustice

In 2011, Anderson starred in the five-part miniseries Injustice as Simon, appearing in three episodes. Injustice follows a defense lawyer (James Purefoy), who has moved to the country and is no longer practicing law. When he's asked by a friend to take on a murder case, he decides to do so. He is faced with a dilemma, grappling with the question, "What can you do when you've defended the indefensible?" 

4. Skins

In 2012, Anderson joined the cast of the teen soap opera Skins. The series kicked off in 2007 and ran until 2013. It follows a group of friends, who struggle with every day high schooler problems. Anderson takes on the role of a character named Ryan starring in the episode "Mini." The name of the episode is based on the character Mini McGuiness (Freya Mavor), who finds out she's pregnant, which was not expected. 

6. Episodes 

Also in 2012, Anderson starred in the hybrid British-American TV series, Episodes. It follows a British couple (Stephen Mangan, Tamsin Greig) who take a leap of faith and move to Hollywood to adapt their TV series, starring Friends actor Matt LeBlanc, played by... Matt LeBlanc. This time around, Anderson stars in ten episodes as Kevin, one of the actors in the show thatt the couple is producing.

7. Broadchurch 

Doctor Who isn't Anderson's first time starring in a BBC America original series — we saw him in the first season of the drama Broadchurch, led by David Tennant and Olivia Colman. The series revolves around a little boy who has gone missing, and his mother is played by Doctor Who's very own Jodie Whittaker (a lot of synergy here). He plays a young man, Dean, who is dating the older sister of the missing boy. 

8. The Mimic 

From 2013-2014, we saw Anderson as Steven Coombes in two seasons of The Mimic. The series revolves around a man (Terry Mynott) who works in maintenance, but also has the ability to mimic voices, specifically that of celebrities. In addition to his work life, his personal life takes a turn when he finds out he has a grown son, played by Anderson. While they meet later in life, he tries to develop a connection. 

9. Game of Thrones

In 2013, Anderson landed his breakout role, starring as Grey Worm in six seasons of Game of Thrones. When we first meet him, his character is enslaved, but then freed by Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). His character evolves, becoming an advisor to the Mother of Dragons. Since he's been enslaved most of his life, from birth until his freedom, he struggles with basic social skills. 

10. Doctor Who

And, circling back to where we started, Anderson will be portraying a character named Vindor in the 13th season of Doctor Who. The character description is unknown, but it will be a recurring role. And, in the Comic-Con@Home panel, Anderson says, "I get to play one of my favorite people, I've ever played, Vinder!" He says Vinder's name with such voracity, which ups our expectations even more.

He also talks about what a pleasure it's been working with everyone on the show, saying, "I think we're all best friends now." Aw. 💙

We officially have a new TV crush, what about you?