Where to Find Emily Watson: From ‘Angela’s Ashes’ to AMC+’s ‘Too Close’

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Emily Watson currently stars as a forensic psychiatrist in the AMC+ miniseries Too Close, with all three episodes available for streaming now. In the opening scene, we see a woman (Denise Gough) drive her car off a bridge, into the river, with two small children in the back seat.

While heartbreaking for all involved, Dr. Robertson (Watson) steps in to help find out what got the frayed mother to this point:

The woman, now detained, is not too keen on Watson’s character coming to see her, saying, “Here we are, in some fancy part of North London, where rumor has it, there are more therapists than there are nut jobs. So, when you look at it that way, I think you’ll find, I’m the one who is helping you.”

Them are some fighting words. Will these two be able to work past their differences?

We were so intrigued to see how this plays out, that we watched all three episodes in one sitting — it’s THAT engaging.

In addition to Too Close, here are some other roles of Watson’s to add to your watch list:

1. Angela’s Ashes

In 1999, Watson took on the role of matriarch in the family drama Angela’s Ashes, based on Frank McCourt’s memoir. We meet Frank as a child, living in Brooklyn with his parents and siblings. But, when his infant sister dies, he and his family move back to his parents’ native Ireland.

There, they are plagued with even more troubles, including prejudices.

2. Gosford Park

Before there was Downton Abbey, there was Julian Fellowes’ 2001 Gosford Park. Set in 1932 England, this period drama brings together an ensemble cast, made-up of Watson, Dame Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Kristin Scott Thomas, Charles Dance and Stephen Fry.

Watson takes on the role of head-housemaid at a country house where a murder takes place.

3. Red Dragon

We saw Watson in the 2002 thriller Red Dragon, a prequel to Silence of the Lambs. With a serial killer (Ralph Fiennes) on the loose, an FBI agent (Edward Norton) turns to Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) for consult.

Watson portrays Reba McClane, girlfriend to the killer, but she doesn’t know about his wicked ways.

4. The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

In 2004, Watson popped up in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, a biopic of the actor. Sellers is probably best-known for his role as Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies (1963-1978) and Dr. Strange Love (1964). Geoffrey Rush stars in the title role, with Watson portraying his wife Anne, who is also an actor.

Sellers was a character on and off-screen, we can imagine that was A LOT for his wife to manage.

5. Miss Potter 

The 2006 biopic Miss Potter tells the story of Beatrix Potter, who wrote the Peter Rabbit children's books. We see Renée Zellweger in the title role, with Watson portraying Millie Warne. Potter published her books with Frederick Warne & Co, working closely with Norman Warne (Ewan McGregor), Frederick's son.

She also developed a friendship with Millie, Norman's sister.

6. Appropriate Adult

The 2011 miniseries Appropriate Adult dramatizes the true story of husband and wife serial killers Fred (Dominic West) and Rosemary West (Monica Dolan), who are arrested and interrogated. It's not clear if Fred is capable of understanding what's happening. Watson takes on the role of Janet Leach, who represents children and unstable adults, during the legal process.

Leach works to ensure he's fit to be tried. But, it is taxing, with him developing a soft spot for his advisor.

7. The Politician’s Husband

Watson teamed up with Anglo favorite David Tennant for 2013's The Politician's Husband. Watson and Tennant portray a married couple, Freya and Aidan Hoynes. When Aidan resigns from his post, Freya replaces him, causing tension in their relationship. Aidan blames his wife for his plans not coming to fruition.

As Freya's career flourishes, her husband begins to spiral.

8. The Book Thief

In 2013, Watson reunited with her Peter Sellers co-star Geoffrey Rush for The Book Thief. The two play a married couple, Frau and Hans Huberman, living in wartime Germany. An orphaned girl (Sophie Nélisse) comes to their home, where they look after her. No longer alone, Hans teaches the young girl to read, which opens her life up to an entirely new world.

It's not just the girl they take in — the married couple are also protecting a Jewish refugee, hiding a young man in their basement.

9. Genius


In 2017, Watson and Rush teamed up once again for the first season of Genius, which followed the life of Albert Einstein. We meet him in his early days, where he has brilliant ideas, but he feels unseen and unheard. We also see him later in life (Rush), saying to his class during a lecture, "When I was your age, I knew everything! But, I was wrong." Those are some wise words.

Watson portrays his wife Elsa, saying to him, "Please don't do what you always do, hide in your work." Also wise words.

10. Apple Tree Yard

Also in 2017, we saw Watson as the lead in the dramatic thriller Apple Tree Yard. She portrays a respected scientist, who is married, but not so happily. When she gets wrapped up in an extramarital affair, her life begins to unravel. Not just unravel — she and her lover (Ben Chaplin) are suspected of murder.

While she trusts this man to keep their relationship a secret, she realizes she needs to be responsible for herself.

So, that leaves the question... when are you going to start steaming Too Close!?