WATCH: Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth Partner Up in ‘MIB International’ Trailer

Thor co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are taking over for the OG alien-hunting agents, originally played by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, in the next installment of the Men in Black franchise, MIB: International.

While there's been some reshuffling, it's not all new, with the return of Emma Thompson as Agent O, Chief of the MIB. In the newly released trailer (December 20) we see Agent O giving Agent M (Thompson) a tough love pep talk, saying to her, "Do you really think a black suit is going to solve all your problems?"

And, what was Agent M's response to her big boss? It leans toward bold: "Errm. No. But. It looks damn good on you."

How did O respond to this flagrant buttering-up? You can check it out in the first look trailer below:

OK, now that the exchange of pleasantries is out of the way, what's on the agenda for the newbie MIB? As the title suggests, the story is going abroad, with Agent M sent to London, England. She meets her new partner, Agent H (Hemsworth), and the head of the U.K. branch (Liam Neeson).

Like the earlier films, the agency's main initiative is to protect Earth from alien invaders. But, this time around, there's a problem that may usurp anything they've come across in the years prior... a mole.

You can look for MIB: International in theaters on June 14, 2019.

Who would have thought the MIB office has Taco Tuesday?? They're just like us!!