WATCH: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Reunite in 'Slaughterhouse Rulez' Trailer

Simon Pegg's career has gone interstellar in recent years, with recurring roles in Star Trek and Mission: Impossible, so it's good to see him get back with BFF Nick Frost for some good ol' fashioned British horror.

The two Spaced stars have teamed up for Slaughterhouse Rulez, a comedy-horror movie set in a prestigious English boarding school. Like The World's End (2013), the final installment in the so-called "Cornetto Trilogy" that began with Shaun of the Dead (2004) and Hot Fuzz (2007), it has a serious point to make about a current issue:

"It's about a private school in the U.K. which sells off parts of its land to a fracking company," Simon recently told Digital Trends, "and the fracking company then unleashes a subterranean monster that terrorizes the school.

"It's a big metaphor for the U.K. privatizing things, and it's mixed up with some ridiculous, sloppy horror. So it's right up our street."

And ours. Simon plays teacher Meredith Houseman, who tries to maintain order when a mysterious sinkhole unleashes "unspeakable horror," while Nick plays Woody, who appears to be up to some very dodgy stuff in the, er, woods.

They're joined by a young cast of school kids, including Finn Cole (Peaky Blinders), Asa Butterfield (The Space Between Us) and Isabella Laughland (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). It's all very Hogwarts, headed up by a school principal known simply as "The Bat," on account of his black gown (we think), and played by Michael Sheen.

You can see them all in the trailer released yesterday (August 9):

Slaughterhouse Rulez is the first film made by Stolen Picture, the production company set up by Simon and Nick in 2016 that's also making their upcoming TV project Truth Seekers.

Oh, and one last Brit tidbit (tidbrit?) about this film: it's directed by Crispian Mills, the erstwhile lead singer of 1990s Britpop band Kula Shaker, who had a Billboard top ten hit in 1996 with "Tattva." He's since become a screenplay writer and director, having previously worked with Simon on 2012's A Fantastic Fear of Everything.

Slaughterhouse Rulez opens in U.K. theaters in time for Halloween. There's no release date yet for the U.S., but we expect the chances are high given the caliber of the cast.

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