WATCH: Rosamund Pike Stars as Marie Curie in New Trailer for 'Radioactive'

We all know the fate of 20th century scientist Marie Curie, who bravely put her life at risk in the name of science and died from exposure to radioactivity.

While we know the end of her story, the new movie Radioactive, starring Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) as Curie, tells the whole story and how she came to be one of the most renowned scientists to date.

As well, we may have never even known her name, because at first, with her being a woman, she and her work were not being recognized, but instead credited to her husband Pierre Curie (Sam Riley). Both were nominated for a Nobel Prize for discovering radioactivity. But, Marie was the one who found an undiscovered element, radium.

Emm, Pierre, give credit where due!

We hear Pike as Marie say just that to her husband in the below clip, "I am just the wife, isn't that right? I am the wife of Pierre Curie." He tries to defend himself, replying, "When did I ever treat you like that?" Maybe behind closed doors he was fair and respectful, but that wasn't enough.

Marie went to the leaders in science to argue her case, that she in fact should be included in the commendation for the Nobel Prize nomination.

So much work for what should have been an expected thing. Possibly, expected now, because Marie stood up for herself back then.

As the trailer progresses, we see that the townspeople turn on Marie. The radium is dangerous and making people sick. But, Marie believes it can kill cancer. As learned from trial and error, it is a useful element but needs to be contained.

Not to spoil anything, and you may already know this, but Marie won not one but two Nobel Prizes in her lifetime.

The film is based on Lauren Redniss’ graphic novel of the same name and is directed by Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis).

You can look for Radioactive via Amazon Prime on July 24.

This film looks riveting. Is it going on your watch list?