WATCH: Rosamund Pike Portrays Journalist Marie Colvin in Biopic 'A Private War'

Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) is set to play late real-life war journalist Marie Colvin in the forthcoming biopic, A Private War (rel: November 16).

Now, we get to glimpse Pike as Colvin, and Jamie Dornan (The Fall) as her photographer and confidant, Paul Conroy, in the first look trailer released today (August 28).

As you'd expect with a film set in conflict zones like Chechnya, Sierra Leone and Kosovo, the footage is intense. We hear Colvin being warned to get out and save herself multiple times, but she couldn't bring herself to leave, saying, "I hate being in a war zone. But, I still feel compelled to see it for myself."

It was during her final assignment covering the Syrian civil war in 2012 that she lost her life:

The film is based on Marie Brenner‘s 2012 Vanity Fair article, “Marie Colvin’s Private War,” where Brenner wrote, "Colvin identified with her subjects and found her own emotions in their plights. Her particular talent was giving voice to the voiceless — widows holding their mangled husbands in Kosovo, Tamil Tigers rebelling against the government in Sri Lanka."

According to Brenner, Colvin played it as if she fell into journalism as a lark, but clearly, Brenner refutes that theory.

Pike doesn't agree that Colvin's involvement was happenstance either, releasing a video message in which she says, "She [Colvin] was tenacious. She was courageous. She went to places most of us would fear to tread. All in pursuit of the truth."

You can also look for Tom Hollander and Stanley Tucci in A Private War, releasing on November 16.

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