WATCH: Richard Armitage Stars in First Look Trailer for Horror-Thriller 'The Lodge'

We know Richard Armitage from period dramas like 2004's North & South and the epic Hobbit trilogy (2012-2014). He's now stepping into the horror-thriller genre with 2019's The Lodge.

He plays a man named Richard, single father to two children, who just lost their mother. The children blame his new girlfriend for her death, as their mother killed herself upon hearing her soon-to-be ex-husband planned to remarry, reports Variety.

In an attempt to mend his broken family, Richard takes his now fiancé Grace (Riley Keough) and children on a trip to the country. There, the children find a newspaper clipping describing a mass suicide, led by Grace's father, and she was the only one to survive. To add more suspicion, Richard investigated the case as a reporter. This isn't new-news to him.

It's not clear who is the one to watch out for in this chilling story...

The threat may be bigger than all of them, as seen in the below clip:

Armitage is only seen at the start of the trailer and then leaves Grace and the kids to it. It's not clear where he runs off to, but it does leave us intrigued as to what his role is, in regards to the bigger picture. Of course, we hope he makes his return sooner than later, as we hugely enjoy his presence on-screen.

We most recently saw Armitage in the TV series The Berlin Station (2016-2019). We can also look for him in the 2019 drama My Zoe, opposite Gemma Arterton. He is currently filming the TV adaptation of Harlan Coben's The Stranger

That's a whole lot of Richard Armitage — are you up for it!?