WATCH: 'Paddington' Sequel is on Its Way with New Trailer

It's been three years since the first Paddington movie hit screens, and now the all-star cast has reassembled to bring us more of the beloved bear's story in a sequel simply titled Paddington 2.

Last time we saw the Peruvian bear, voiced by Anglo favorite Ben Whishaw (Queers, Mary Poppins Returns), he'd just landed in London and was a little lost. Luckily, the Brown family, headed by Mr. Brown (Hugh Bonneville) and Mrs. Brown (Lucy Hawkins), found him at Paddington station and welcomed him into their home. Well, Mr. Brown was a little hesitant but his wife and children were beyond keen.

Paddington is now a fixture in the Brown household and not going anywhere anytime soon:

Here, the walking-talking bear, created by Michael Bond, attempts to give Mr. Brown a compliment, saying, "You're in great shape for a man your age, Mr. Brown." While he meant it to be kind, it's... kind of not.

Pleasantries aside, Paddington is on a mission to find a gift for his auntie Lucy. Which he does, but at the same time realizes he needs a means to pay for it.

And what does a bear do in a situation like this? He puts his best Wellington boot forward and gets a job, of course.

The sequel to director Paul King's Paddington picks up with the furry addition to the Brown home attempting to pull his weight, though naturally things goes awry.

We can't believe where poor Paddington ends up. Totally believable, on the other hand, is Bridget Jones's Hugh Grant as the movie's villain. You can catch a glimpse of him halfway through the trailer.

Paddington 2 hits theaters on January 12, 2018.

What do you think — is pink Paddington's color?