WATCH: Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne Get Friendly in 'Carnival Row' Trailer

Orlando Bloom recently took himself out of the running for the forthcoming Lord of the Rings prequel TV series. Basically, because his character would be much younger than the actor himself is now.

But, if you're an Orlando Bloom fan, not to worry, because there is plenty of him in the new trailer for the fantasy series Carnival Row. He and Cara Delevinge take on the leads in the Amazon series and as the headline suggests... things get romantical.

The story is set in Victorian England, where humans and mystical creatures live amongst each other. According to the official synopsis, the supernatural population is struggling, "forbidden to live, love, or fly with freedom." Of course, not all abide by those rules with Bloom's character, a human detective, and Delevinge, a fairy, hitting it off.

It's not all flying and flirting, though. There's been a string of murders, which threatens the very existence of this community. Bloom's character is the lead detective, but having a fairy girlfriend proves to be more than distracting.

It's clear these two are drawn together, having an unspoken connection. But, will it last?

It makes us think of this recent Anglo post, 10 On-Screen Supernatural Romances That Were Deemed to Be Doomed. 

Carnival Row will be available for streaming on August 30 in over 200 countries.

Is this going on your watch list?