WATCH: Natalie Portman Stars as Grounded Astronaut in 'Lucy in the Sky' Trailer

We can only imagine what a high it is to travel to outer space, and at the same time... what it's like coming back down. Natalie Portman portrays astronaut Lucy Cola in the forthcoming Lucy in the Sky, who struggles to adjust to everyday life on Earth, reports Empire Online.

In the recently released trailer, she asks for "just a few more minutes," before wrapping things up on her intergalactic mission. It doesn't seem like she wanted to make the return at all:

Once back, all that matters to her is going back up. She works hard to prove herself a viable candidate to make a second trip. In the above trailer, she comes across an email, written about her by a fellow astronaut (and lover): "It kills me to say it, but our girl's been pretty inconsistent. Erratic." Her own husband reiterates the sentiment, saying to Lucy, "You are acting so strange."

When she's pulled out of the running to return to space, she begins to spiral.

If you think you spotted Anglo fan favorite Dan Stevens in the above (under that mustache), you were right. He plays Lucy's doting husband Drew. You can also look for Jon Hamm as her coworker/love interest, also a NASA astronaut.

The story is loosely based on actual NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak, who was charged with attempted kidnapping, burglary with assault and battery in 2007. This gives us an idea of where the rest of the film might be headed...

Lucy in the Sky, directed by Noah Hawley (Legion), will be in theaters on October 4.

There is A LOT going on in this story, what stands out to you most?