WATCH: Michael Fassbender Takes Control in the First Trailer for 'The Snowman'

As Game of Thrones fans know all too well, winter finally arrived this past Sunday. And now the snow has come...

In the upcoming movie adaptation of Norwegian author Jo Nesbø's 2007 novel, The Snowman, Michael Fassbender takes on the role of Detective Harry Hole, who works to outsmart a mad man targeting women he "disapproves of." His first victim's scarf is found wrapped around a demented looking snowman, hence the pseudonym.

The killer even taunts law enforcement with creepily child-like notes, signed off with a snowman drawing:

[caption id="attachment_405009" align="alignnone" width="2000"] (Photo: Universal Pictures)[/caption]

We're no forensic scientists, but we have watched enough Law and Order to know if a killer leaves clues, he may be looking for notoriety. And, possibly to be caught. Welp, good thing we have Fassbender as Hole on the case.

The newly released trailer is absolutely terrifying and left us frozen with fear:

But watching the unseemly events unfold is at least a little easier with one of our Anglo fan favorites leading the charge to get the bad guy. Have at him, Fassbender!

As we can see in the trailer, the death toll is growing. How many lives will be lost before — if and when — the Snowman's reign is ended?

The Snowman is the seventh novel in Nesbø's best-selling Harry Hole series but the first to be adapted for screen. In addition to Fassbender, you can also look for Rebecca Ferguson, Chloë Savigny, Charlotte Gainsburg, J.K. Simmons, Val Kilmer, James D'Arcy, Jamie Clayton and Toby Jones in the feature-length film premiering on October 20.

Are snowmen the new clowns?