WATCH: Matt Smith Gives Tobias Menzies Some Advice on Taking Over as Prince Philip in 'The Crown'

Matt Smith (Doctor Who) has some tips for Tobias Menzies (Game of Thrones), who's set to replace him as Prince Philip in seasons three and four of The Crown.

When James Corden asked on The Late Late Show last night (August 15) what advice he'd give Menzies, Smith cheekily replied, "Don't do it!"

Clearly this was a joke, especially considering the part was just about the most coveted in recent TV history — and who would play it has been the subject of a lengthy conversation.

Menzies landed the royal role in the end and we're sure he'd be keen to get any notes his Emmy nominated predecessor might care to share.

And share he did. Smith offered some genuine advice, suggesting that Menzies read a book to help him prepare for the role. Which book? Watch and find out:

Smith was definitely in a joking mood, adding at the end of the chat, "Make sure you're paid enough," followed by a pause. "AND, make sure it's even!" Smith is referring, of course, to the pay gap (in his favor) that it emerged existed between himself and lead actress Claire Foy, who played Queen Elizabeth II. While a serious matter — he's already addressed the issue more formally — Smith doesn't shy away from the topic, and takes the edge off with a bit of humor.

Season three of The Crown will air on Netflix in 2019. The new, older cast will also include Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II, Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret, Ben Daniels as Lord Snowden and Josh O'Connor as Prince Charles.

What do you think of Matt Smith's message to Tobias Menzies?