WATCH: Martin Freeman's Zombie Film 'Cargo' is Heading to Netflix

We just saw Martin Freeman reprise his role as Everett K. Ross in the blockbuster superhero film Black Panther, currently in theaters.

Now we can look forward to more of Freeman (Sherlock, Fargo) in the post-apocalyptic thriller Cargo, which has just been acquired by Netflix. He avoided a zombie takeover in 2004's Shaun of the Dead. But, apparently he's not so lucky this time around.

Freeman's character, Andy, is a father stranded in rural Australia with his young daughter strapped to his back in a carrier. He's on a mission to find his child a new home, and someone to look after her, as he's been infected, following a violent zombie attack. He only has 48 hours before he becomes full-on undead.

Here's a sneak peek with the trailer:

Aw man, Andy seems like such a great dad. Who knows, maybeeeee there is some sort of serum to counteract the zombification he faces.

According to the film's description: "Salvation may lie with an isolated Aboriginal tribe, but to gain access he must first earn the allegiance of a young Indigenous girl on a tragic quest of her own."

Well, either way, we hope he makes it in time for the sake of his child...

Cargo will screen at the Tribeca Film Festival this coming April and premiere on Netflix later this year.

Will you still cheer for Martin Freeman if he does turn zombie?