WATCH: Liam Neeson and Vera Farmiga are On Board for 'The Commuter' Trailer

Liam Neeson seems to have gotten the Taken franchise (2008-2014) out of his system and is moving onto a fresh, new project. He's sticking to the thriller, action genre, though, and why not — he's mastered it with films like Non-Stop (2014) and Run All Night (2015) — but, this time, it will take place on... a train.

In the new trailer for The Commuter, which you can find below, he and Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel) portray two strangers who have a seemingly random run-in while in-transit:

As we learn in the recently released footage, Neeson's character is suspicious of the woman sitting across him, asking, "I'm sorry, have we met?" Varmiga's character, Joanna, explains this is her first time on a commuter train. That in itself seems a little odd, like, never?

Well, we don't need to dwell on the specifics, because she could be lying and getting to the big picture: whether or not they've met before, they've met now and Joanna has a question for her reluctant travel companion, named Michael (Leeson): "What if I asked you to do something that could profoundly affect an individual on this train?"

Apparently, someone on the train "does not belong," and Michael has been asked to find said person. But, then what?

This sounds like a brain teaser, if it were hypothetical, but things are getting real, he needs to decide by the next stop.

You can also look for Elizabeth McGovern (Downton Abbey), portraying Michael's wife. We see her briefly in the start of the trailer and wonder how her character fits into the story as a whole.

Filming is complete, with The Commuter hitting theaters in January 2018.

Are you appreciating your humdrum, uneventful commute right about now?