WATCH: Kate Winslet Gives Encouraging Pep Talk to Young First-Time Interviewer

(Photo: Getty Images)

At this point in her career, Kate Winslet must have given hundreds of interviews, but she hasn't forgotten how nervewracking this situation can be.

Over the last 24 hours, a clip of Winslet giving an encouraging pep talk to a nervous interviewer has gone viral on Twitter. In the clip, the young journalist from German network ZDF tells the actress that it is her "first time" doing an interview like this. Given that Winslet is an Oscar-winning star promoting a massive blockbuster, Avatar: The Way of Water, it was definitely a baptism of fire for the rookie reporter.

"This is your first time doing it?" Winslet replies empathetically. "Okay, well guess what? When we do this interview, it’s going to be the most amazing interview ever. And do you know why? Because we’ve decided that it’s going to be. So, we’ve decided right now, me and you, that this is going to be a really fantastic interview."

Winslet adds:  "And you can ask me anything that you want, and you don't have to be scared. Everything is going to be amazing. Okay? You've got this. OK, let’s do it!"

The clip, shared by British journalist Liv Marks, has now been viewed more than five million times. You can check it out here.

Anyone who caught Winslet's recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show will know she definitely hasn't lost her down-to-earth sense of humor. You can watch the full episode here, or check out a choice clip below.

Would you be nervous about interviewing Kate Winslet?