WATCH: Kate Winslet and Stephen Colbert Prove Jack Could've Got on THAT Door

It's been 20 years since Titanic first opened in theaters, and Kate Winslet has finally proved what we knew all along: Jack could have fit on the door Rose used as a raft.

If you're not sure which door we're talking about, then here's a reminder:

[caption id="attachment_416769" align="alignnone" width="640"] (Image: 20th Century Fox)[/caption]

Yeah, that bloomin' great big door that Rose grabbed hold of after the ship went down, and basically saved her life while Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) was left to freeze to death.

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Oh, goodness gracious. We apologize for the lack of trigger warning on that.

The Titanic door debate has rumbled on for years, prompted by this viral image (see below) that started making the rounds back in 2012.  It clearly demonstrates there were a number of positions that would have made it possible for Jack and Rose to share the door:

There was room on that door, dagnabbit!

Okay. Breathe.

The door debate (hashtag #doorgate) has reached such a pitch that Kate was forced last year to admit to Jimmy Kimmel that there was in fact plenty of room, while Vanity Fair recently asked director James Cameron the same question.

Kate went one step further last night (November 30) on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, however.

Having discussed her acting career thus far, from her first role in 1994's Heavenly Creatures up to her latest film Wonder Wheel and the upcoming Avatar sequels, host Stephen put her to the test with a quiz on the film that made her famous.

Kate gave away lots of hitherto-unknown secrets about the movie (for instance, did you know James Cameron drew the picture of Rose that Jack is supposed to have drawn?), but the question we all wanted to hear was left until last. Was there, or was there not, room on that door for Jack?

The answer was clear: of course there was. But to finally put the matter to rest, there was only one thing for it. Test it out on Stephen's desk:

Phew. Well, it's closure, at least. On the one hand, Jack might have survived to live into old age with Rose, but on the other, we might have had to deal with a Titanic sequel. Or four or five, if James Cameron's other epic Avatar is anything to go by.

Do you feel better now?