WATCH: Kate Beckinsale is Intense in New Trailer for 'Jolt'

Kate Beckinsale (Underworld) is set to return to the action genre, starring in the Amazon Prime movie Jolt, reports 

Beckinsale portrays a character named Lindsay, who has a neurological disorder, causing her to lash out. Lindsay has anger issues, to say the least, but it goes beyond shouting and stomping her feet, resulting in murderous tendencies.

She seeks help and is able to control her impulses with electric shocks. While that may buy her some time, and she's stable enough to find love, the man she develops a connection with is soon murdered.

This abrupt loss does not mix well with her already volatile temperament and she seeks revenge on the people who murdered him:

Beckinsale is joined by Susan Sarandon, who we hear give a pep talk in the above trailer, saying, "You spent years being forced to repress your anger. But, now... you have seen how powerful you can be when you embrace your anger."

Oh boy, these two sound like a dangerous combination.

It's not clear what Sarandon's character is suggesting, who or what she wants Lindsay to turn her anger on, but it doesn't sound good.

You can also look for Stanley Tucci, Bobby Cannavale and Laverne Cox.

Jolt will be available for streaming on July 23.

Are you enjoying Kate Beckinsale in this badass (possibly psychopathic) role?