WATCH: John Cleese Gets Philosophical on 'The Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon: 'I'm Not Afraid of Death'

John Cleese (Trolls, Monty Python) swung by the The Tonight Show last night (September 18), and began the interview with a the kind of comment that would have possibly gotten a lesser-known guest booted back into the green room. He asked the host, "Is it Fallon or Kimmel? I can never remember." As in, which Jimmy are you? Oof!

Clearly the actor is teasing his host (that's Jimmy Fallon in case, like Cleese, you also get them muddled up). But the presenter took it in stride and teased Cleese right back, saying the veteran actor is "very, very, very old." Well, that's blunt. Cleese goes on to reveal that he is in fact 77, which actually seems to floor Fallon a little bit. But, Cleese is OK with the aging process and says, "It's very nice being this old, because when you're this old you're gonna die soon, so you don't give a [insert expletive], you see?"

We do see what he means, but he expanded a bit anyway, saying, "Well, most of the best people are dead..."

It does sound a bit morbid, but this is comedic actor John Cleese, and his brilliant delivery softens the blow:

Even though he is "very, very, very old," Cleese is still working and recently completed filming on the BBC comedy, Hold the Sunset. He stars as Phil, opposite Alison Steadman (Gavin and Stacey) who plays his former flame, Edith. Edith has been widowed for a while so she and Phil rekindle their love, but their plans are put on hold when her 50-year-old son, Roger (Jason Watkins) returns home.

The series is expected to air in the U.K. later this year.

Cleese has also leant his voice to two forthcoming films, Elliot the Littlest Reindeer (2017) and Arctic Justice (2018).

John Cleese still has a lot of pep in his step — are you looking forward to more of his work?