WATCH: John Barrowman Teaches David Tennant How to Floss

Doctor Who alums John Barrowman and David Tennant ran into each other at this year's Mega-Con, which took place in Orlando, Florida (May 16-19).

And, what did these two get up to? Something we probably would've never expected. Barrowman appears to be an expert at flossing, a dance move made famous by teenager Russell Horning. Captain Jack took the Tenth Doctor under his wing, and they both gave it a go in the below video:

Barrowman isn't shy to boast of his abilities, even coining himself a new name, "Captain Jack Flosser."

The David Tennant Twitter fan page shared the spontaneous moment and the fans have spoken:

The above comments might be a little sassy, but at the least, they're honest.

We do wonder: Did Tennant put on a bit of a show — dancing awkwardly on purpose?

That may be the case, considering he expressed his disdain for "flossing" on BBC's game show Room 101, but in that case, he was referring to teeth maintenance.

No matter the motive, Tennant has proven himself a good sport, per usual. As well, he can always fall back on his "day job." We can look for him next in the TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Good Omens, premiering on Amazon Prime on May 31.

Do you still love David, faux flossing and all?