WATCH: Jeremy Irons and Diane Keaton Star in 'Love, Weddings & Other Disasters' Trailer

Jeremy Irons (Watchmen) is set to take the lead in the forthcoming Love, Weddings & Other Disasters, opposite Diane Keaton (Book Club), reports 
Irons plays a very meticulous wedding planner. As seen in the below trailer, he is not keen on the table settings and demotes his staff member from crystal to salads (the horror!). Irons' character is in charge of planning the most important day in a couple's life, but his own love life is in shambles.
That's where Keaton enters the picture. She's signed on to portray his love interest. The two are matched-up by a mutual friend. The wedding planner is completely caught off guard, but goes along with it.
We hear Irons say to Keaton, "I'll call you." With her responding, "I'll answer."
It's a date.

The movie follows multiple storylines revolving around love and finding love.
Irons and Keaton's characters' getting together was unplanned (at least by them), but they seem to hit it off. Keaton's character is visually impaired and we see Irons' put a blindfold over his eyes, to try and enter her world.
We also meet a second wedding planner (Maggie Grace), referred to as the "Wedding Trasher." After just being dumped, she's not looking for a relationship. But... that's when it happens.
There's a third storyline, starring Andrew Bachelor as a tour guide. He greets a passenger and later says, "It was love at first sight."
Eileen Conn (Shake It Up), Larry Miller (Head Case) and Dennis Dugan (Grown Ups) co-wrote the script, with Dugan directing.
You can look for Love, Weddings & Other Disasters on December 4 via video on demand.
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