WATCH: James Corden Finally Gets His Revenge on Gordon Ramsay

A bromance has been brewing between James Corden and Gordon Ramsay of late, but it seems there's also some unresolved issues between the pair.

Yes, Gordon gave James a lift to LAX a few months back. Yes, he reviewed James's B&B last year, and yes, in 2015 he was one of James's first guests, cooking a full English breakfast on his show. Don't be fooled, though: beneath the smiles lay a long-term smouldering resentment that could blow at any moment.

That moment came last night (August 1), when the potty-mouthed chef made his fifth appearance on The Late Late Show. Having chatted with Gordon and fellow guest Brendan Gleeson for a few minutes about MasterChef and other safe topics, James brought up an incident from seven — yes, SEVEN — years ago.

It involved a U.K. TV show Gordon used to host called, appropriately, The F Word (Fox recently began airing a U.S. version), and one particular episode when James was a guest. In it, Gordon had promised a free "slap up meal" at one of his restaurants, just so long as James did one thing: eat a raw fish eye on camera.

James played a clip of the offending incident from 2010, hoping to nudge Gordon's memory — and sure enough, the firebrand chef did look uncharacteristically contrite.

Worse was to come, however, when James revealed — and his mom and dad in the audience confirmed — that the meal he was promised never even transpired.

There was only one thing for it. Watch as he gets his revenge:

Here's hoping the boys can put aside their differences now and let bygones be bygones.

(And to see more of James's torture, as well as an early TV appearance by his dad, mom and sister, watch the slightly rude clip from The F Word in full.)

Do you think revenge is a dish best served cold?