WATCH: Idris Elba Talks 'Luther' and Matthew McConaughey Reveals His Dream Fantasy World at ‘The Dark Tower’ Black Carpet Premiere

We've been gearing up for the premiere of The Dark Tower, and it's finally here, hitting theaters today (August 4).

The film adaptation of Stephen King's series of novels is getting the full Hollywood treatment, with big time stars Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey in the leads, playing The Gunslinger and the Man in Black, respectively.

Anglophenia's Sharon Carpenter caught up with Elba at the black — rather than the usual red — carpet premiere, and the first thing he did was pay tribute to Luther, which airs on BBC America, calling it a "life-changing" role:

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Anglophenia also chatted to his Dark Tower co-stars, newbie Tom Taylor, Abbey Lee, and Eva Kaminsky, and what did they do? Gush about Elba — and with absolutely no nudging from us:

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McConaughey was also on the black carpet, and Sharon asked him what his secret fantasy world would be. His answer is pretty grounded but still fun and surprising:

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Elba is also signed on to star in the TV spinoff of The Dark World. It was just recently confirmed (August 3) that former The Walking Dead executive producer Glen Mazarra will be running the show.

We're going to be getting a lot more of Idris Elba. The Dark Tower film will be followed by a TV series... AND, let's not forget that Luther will soon return to BBC America for a fifth season.

Hmm, it makes us wonder — can one actor have TWO life-changing roles?