Watch: Idris Elba Makes His Return in First Look Trailer for 'Luther' Season 5

When BBC America announced back in January that the fifth installment of Luther had begun filming, it wasn't just the fans who were excited to learn Idris Elba will return as the tortured detective. The beloved actor himself revealed, "It's good to be back in London, back in the coat."

Earlier this year, Elba gave us a quickie behind-the-scenes tour of the "fancy caravan" he hangs out in between takes, but until now we've yet to see him in action.

Just yesterday (June 18) the BBC dropped a clip of Detective Chief Inspector John Luther making his way through a dark hallway. He doesn't utter a word because he's completely out of breath. All we have to go on is an ominous tagline: "This. Will. Hurt."

Hmm. Can we interpret this as a warning to those on the wrong side of the law?

In an earlier statement, creator Neil Cross, hinted at what we can expect in the next season, saying, "We missed John Luther. We missed some old friends. And we wanted to make the biggest, scariest, darkest, most thrilling series of Luther there’s ever been. So that’s what we’ve come back to do.”

Here is the official description for season five, with some concrete details:

When the moonless shadows of London give birth to a new nightmare, DCI John Luther must once again confront the depths of human depravity.

As a series of monstrous killings becomes ever more audacious, Luther and new recruit D.S. Catherine Halliday are confounded by a tangle of leads and misdirection that seems designed to protect an unspeakable horror.

"But, even as the case brings him closer than ever to the nature of true evil, a reluctant Luther must also face the ghosts of his own past. Striding back into the line of fire, he must choose who to protect... and who to sacrifice.

Whatever his next move, it will have devastating consequences for those around him — and change John Luther forever.

Yep, sounds like a whole lot of pain.

A premiere date is yet to be announced but we can look forward to four new episodes of Luther.

Does the new clip live up to Neil Cross' promise to create the "biggest, scariest, darkest" season of Luther yet?