WATCH: Idris Elba is VERY Much a Bad Guy in New 'Hobbs & Shaw' Trailer

Idris Elba (Luther) narrates the new trailer for Hobbs & Shaw and his delivery is an instant attention getter. He talks about his character in the first person, introducing himself, "I am the necessary shock to the system. I am human evolutionary change. Bullet proof. Super human."

He left off "humble."

We knew a little bit of what to expect of Elba's baddie Brixton in the forthcoming Fast and Furious spinoff, but now we really get the whole shebang with the new footage:

Elba is set to play a cyber supervillain, but admittedly, we find ourselves cheering for him. It's probably because the actor's charm and sense of humor spill onto the screen.

But, alas, if Brixton's intent is to do harm, then we shall switch gears and look for the heroes of the action flick. Enter: Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham as Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, who are sent to track him. The two reluctantly team up to bring Britxon down. We should point out, Johnson and Statham bring the LOLs, too.

Hobbs and Shaw will hit theaters this summer on August 2.

Dare we ask, who are you cheering for in Hobbs & Shaw